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Excellent Shipping Scale

Excellent Shipping Scale

This postage scale is perfect for me as I have limited space on & near my desk. With the attached read out part, I have that on my desk off to the side, and the scale on a small fable I use for my shipping supplies.

Smart Weigh ACE110 Digital Shipping Postal ScaleThe weighing platform is eight inches square, which is easily sufficient for centering boxes up to 24×24. The key to getting an accurate reading from the Smart Weigh ACE110 Digital Shipping Postal Scale is to have it on a hard, level surface and center what you are weighing on the platform. If not, you will get strange results. The 8×8 platform on this gives you a lot of flexibility.

Benefits of Using an Ear Thermometer

Benefits of Using an Ear Thermometer

Using a digital ear thermometer has many advantages over other designs of thermometer when you need to check your infants temperature.

  • Unwell infants fight and struggle which makes taking a temperature difficult but an ear thermometer gets the reading super quick.
  • These thermometers take their reading from the tympanic membrane (eardrum) which provides a very accurate measurement because it shares the same blood supply as the brain’s temperature control centre, the ideal place to perform this vital check.
  • By using one time use plastic filters over the nozzle and discarding them, contamination and cross infection of others is eliminated while cleanliness is maintained.
  • From babies to older children all dislike being prodded, probed and unfamiliar things placed their mouths which can also scare them. An ear thermometer is gentle and comfortable for tiny, delicate ears.

Ever used a Storage Heater

Night Storage Heater Benefits

You have to think of storage heating differently to central heating.They provide background heat all day and need to be treated as such. You can then top up with other sources of heat when its gets colder, such as a gas fire, portable heating etc etc.

You will have two controls, one called input and one called output. The input controls the amount of heat stored, so in a cold period turn this to number 6. The output controls how much heat will be given out during the day, so if you are out leave set to 1 or 2, and in the evening set it to 6 and this will open a flap to allow stored heat out.

A good setting to use is input set to 4-6 dependent on how cold it is, and the output set to 2-3 and open up to 6 in the evening, this way you should never run out of heat.

Is the Cuisinart CEC-10 the Best Egg Cooker

The Cuisinart CEC-10 the Best Egg Cooker

We had an event that required lot’s of boiled eggs to make deviled eggs. I cannot believe how much better this egg cooker is than the old one that we had. It is so much easier to boil or poach eggs with this appliance than in a pot on the stove. The buzzer is loud and perfectly timed by some sort of black magic that creates perfect eggs.

I Bought the West Bend 77203 for my Kitchen

The West Bend 77203 Can Opener

I purchased the West Bend 77203 for my Kitchen, and I am very pleased with its design and functionality. It does seem crazy for me to get excited over a simple can opener, but over the years I’ve purchased so many “junk” electric can openers that I had gotten to the point of saying “a can opener is a can opener”. But not so. This can opener is quiet.

West Bend 77203

This can opener is very thoughtfully designed. It is as sleek as can be, and very compact. The cord is absolutely retractable and comes with a cover over the plug to protect it when retracted. I reckon its the best can opener of the bunch.

Replacing my Old Nose Hair Trimmer

Finding a better Nose Hair Trimmer

As one grows older it seems like the only place hair doesn’t grow is on our heads. My olde Remington trimmer was beginning to fall apart so after reading reviews and watching videos I settled on the Panasonic ER-GN30-K trimmer. It seems its one of the best Panasonic nose hair trimmers.

Panasonic ER-GN30-K

First, this groomer is powerful enough to get the job done. A tip – The blades will not rotate fast enough for those tough nasal hairs without an alkaline battery. The blades on this trimmer are very sharp indeed.  The new Vortex Cleaning System is easy to use by running the trimmer in water it thoroughly cleans the trimmer head.