Ever used a Storage Heater

Night Storage Heater Benefits

You have to think of storage heating differently to central heating.They provide background heat all day and need to be treated as such. You can then top up with other sources of heat when its gets colder, such as a gas fire, portable heating etc etc.

You will have two controls, one called input and one called output. The input controls the amount of heat stored, so in a cold period turn this to number 6. The output controls how much heat will be given out during the day, so if you are out leave set to 1 or 2, and in the evening set it to 6 and this will open a flap to allow stored heat out.

A good setting to use is input set to 4-6 dependent on how cold it is, and the output set to 2-3 and open up to 6 in the evening, this way you should never run out of heat.

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