Having to Invest in a Good Jump Starter

Finding the Best Jump Starter

I wish all trucks had an auto shut-off button so that I could turn off the vehicles electrical systems including the headlights and all electronics, so that if you forget to turn these off you don’t end with a dead battery when you come to starting it in the morning.  Well as you may have guessed that’s what happened to me.

My Toyota would turn off the headlights and all electronics but my Honda would not. Having been spoiled by the Toyota, I often forget to turn off the headlights and interior lights on my Honda, resulting in a dead battery.

So I went on the search for the best portable jump starter for a reasonable price. I stumbled onto the Clore JNC300XL Jump Starter that had some great user ratings. Since I bought this jump starter, fortunately I didn’t have to use it because I never ran into a situation.

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