Is the Best Cordless Strimmer a Petrol Model

Is the Best Cordless Strimmer a Petrol Model

Most people I speak to don’t especially want a petrol strimmer if they can help it, most would prefer a cordless one since they are generally easier to maintain and to use. But it all depends on your situation an requirements:

  • How large is your lawn?
  • What weight can you lift?
  • Do you mind too much noise?

I have had numerous models but the best grass strimmer¬† I have had an opportunity to use is the Bosch Acutrim 18v strimmer (with plastic cutters not line). Its perfect for doing the edges of a plot and small areas of grass and light weeds, though I wouldn’t try it on anything too tough. Its fairly light and very quiet.

Bosch Acutrim 18v strimmer

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